AV Connectivity

When installing the necessary cabling into Meeting Rooms or Classrooms for neatness and for ease of connection you may want to consider our range of connectivity plates. We have a wide range of both wall, floor and desk plates to suit all room environments.


Video Conferencing

Need a meeting with colleagues at other offices in the UK or the world but don’t have the time to travel? This is where video conferencing systems are ideal. Connect to the offices either by the traditional way of ISDN lines or now the more popular way via your IP network you can have meetings on large display screens or why not via your tablet. Contact us for further information.


Room Control

Envisage a scene where you press a button and your projection screen and projector lift lowers out of the ceiling, the projector switches on and your are ready to present. Not only would this impress your audience but no longer would you have to mess around with various remote controls. Control systems can be wall mounted or ask us about wireless touch panels that can even be programmed onto wireless tablets.


Projection Screens

Tripod, wall, ceiling, manual, electric, fixed frame, we have the complete range available for all solutions. You can even hide the projection screen in the ceiling that lowers when you want to use it!


Projector Lifts

Ideal for hiding your projector out of sight when it is not required. Not only great as a security feature but can also wow your audience as the projector lowers from the ceiling to be used. Most lifts are designed to be installed and hidden inside false ceilings where particular aesthetical solutions are needed.



Vangis offer a wide range of wall brackets and trolleys including fixed height trolleys or electrical height adjustable trolleys. With a bracket designed for virtually every application we can ensure we can help you.