clevertouch DARK BLUE for Business

The latest touchscreen technology turns CleverTouch Pro into a giant tablet and a real asset to your business. With its integrated Android operating system it is perfect for all room environments with business apps and tools for annotation, brainstorming and collaborative document sharing.

USB ports and key function buttons are easily accessible allowing the presenter to enter the room and present in Android or PC mode, or simply plug in your USB presentation, switch on and go!

With four screen sizes available – 55″, 65″, 75″ and 86″ there is a screen size for all room sizes. All sizes output the ultimate 4K resolution with a 20 point touch facility so many people can use the screen at once which is great for idea sharing. Don’t forget the screen has integrated speakers for real multimedia usage.

CleverTouch Business cropped

One last point for total piece of mind, the CleverTouch Pro comes with a 5 year on-site warranty and designed for 24/7 usage and our CleverTouch business software package (see below).

Please have a look at the introductory video on our CleverTouch Pro Display Screens. Want to have a look at one? Not a problem, we can either provide you with a no-obligation, on site demonstration or why not visit our CleverTouch Pro showroom right in the heart of the City of London.

For further information please click here to view our CleverTouch Pro Corporate brochure.


Here at Vangis, we are proud to introduce the innovative, cutting-edge collaborative solution— Capacitive Touch from Clevertouch. The sleek, slim, and super-responsive Capacitive Touch boasts the same unique feat features as the rest of the Pro Series, but also benefits from edge-to-edge technology, and stunningly fluid instant handwriting from two electromagnetic pens. For further information click here to view our new CleverTouch Capacitive Corporate brochure.