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Things have moved on from Interactive Whiteboards with the ‘CleverTouch Plus’ bringing lessons and subjects to life, enriching interactions with students with the latest LED technology, integrated speakers and multi-touch technology. What you can’t see inside a CleverTouch Plus touch screen is the innovative, rich technology that sets it apart. Technology powered by Android that creates a truly unique user experience. The Android interface is familiar and intuitive with the new LUX interface, so easy to use and removes the need for complicated manuals and training. CleverTouch Plus has all the features of a tablet, so people of all ages and abilities can use this technology they are familiar with. You can even directly plug in your USB presentation  allowing you to present straight away.

Clevertouch Plus3 - with CleverlynxCleverstore 3

Available in sizes 55″, 65″ 70″,75″ and 86″. Please contact us for an on site, no obligation demonstration.

Click here to download our CleverTouch Plus brochure.

Our CleverTouch Plus screens will bring lessons and subjects to life, enrich interactions with students with the latest LED technology, integrated speakers and multi touch technology. Our CleverTouch Plus in the classroom outperform interactive whiteboards and projectors with improved picture quality, why?

Just have a look at just some of the advantages CleverTouch Plus bring over Interactive whiteboards/projectors –

  • Reduce glare so no need to worry about closing the blinds
  • Better touchscreen experience – no need to calibrate all the time
  • Lower maintenance costs and total cost of ownership as no projector lamps to change or projector filters to clean
  • Experience no shadows like you do when using interactive projection
  • Sharper, clearer and brighter images – even in daylight conditions
  • Overall a much neater system – no overhead projectors, no separate speakers just a neat all in one unit!

The CleverTouch PLUS range up to a fantastic 20 point touch facility for really adaptability.

All CleverTouch Plus models come with a 5 year on-site warranty for your peace of mind. You also receive our CleverTouch Education Software package (see below).

Would you like to try one? Then please contact us for a no-obligation demonstration or talk to us about a trial period.

Have a look at the below video to see how CleverTouch Plus would benefit your classroom.



For those where budget are a little more restrictive we can also offer our CleverTouch ‘V’ range of interactive screens. very similar to the ‘plus’ range, however you do not get access to the cleverstore and the internal memory of the Android is 50% less. Please click here for further information on our ‘V’ range of CleverTouch’s.

CleverTouch Education Software Package – this package comes completely FREE OF CHARGE with every CleverTouch purchased from Vangis.

cleverlynx DARK BLUE

CleverLynx – a true multi-touch annotation software where you can import any type of document and make notes over it. Every CleverTouch Plus includes a five user perpetual Cleverlynx licence.

DisplayNote logo

DisplayNote – lets teachers control their CleverTouch with their tablet device or phone and share content from that CleverTouch, or form their device, with multiple participants in iOS, Android or computer. DisplayNote works via the Cloud or over a wireless network. Every CleverTouch includes a 10 perpetual DisplayNote connections and 1 year free Cloud subscription. Multi-connection licences are also available. Please see below an overview video regarding the benefits of DisplayNote can bring to your classroom.


clever maths DARK BLUE


CleverMaths – has all the features you would expect from great annovation software, but it also includes STEM tools for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Every CleverTouch Plus includes a five user perpetual CleverMaths licence. Please see below an overview brief video showing you the benefits that Clevermaths can bring to your classroom.




Snowflake – consists of helpful apps that help children develop good hand eye coordination skills. Learn about every day subjects such as Maths, Geography, Grammar, Spelling and Biology. Please see below a video showing you how this collaborative touchscreen software can provide a fun suite of teaching apps that can be used in primary and secondary education to improve engagement.