New CleverTouch Brochures available

Please see the below links to view our updated CleverTouch brochures. The V range – excellent entry level range from CleverTouch The most popular education PLUS range from Clevertouch with a larger internal memory and access to the Clever app Store Our new Corporate Pro brochure highlighting the range of interactive screens for businesses, including … Continued

New Vangis Brochures

Check out our new Vangis brochures where you can read all about our latest products. We have brochures for the Corporate and education markets, our Large Projection guide plus a new range of CleverTouch brochures including the new capacitive Pro touch screen. Vangis Corporate Brochure                     … Continued

CleverTouch launches its fastest ever software – CleverLynx 5 Clevertouch has launched its new generation presentation software, LYNX 5, which will be included in the full range of award winning Clevertouch interactive touchscreens. Designed to replace Cleverlynx, existing Clevertouch users can upgrade to the latest software free of charge directly from their Clevertouch devices (Plus, V Series & Pro models only) or using … Continued

Easyjet hire AV for in-house conference

Easyjet were hosting a large conference meeting for in-house staff training, so when they needed a powerful projector as well as light and sound systems, who else is there to call? Vangis set up a variety of equipment which included a high powered projector which was set up to be projecting from behind a wall, … Continued

Projectors on a tight budget

Have you ever dropped your phone on your face in bed? Or perhaps you’ve just always wanted a home cinema in your very own living room. Well look no further, for here we can present to you a cheap, portable smartphone projector. The smartphone projector by Luckies is a pop up cardboard box that comes … Continued

Beauty comes at a price

Now how amazing was that!? Meet the beginning of endless possibilities, a company by the name of Magic Leap. Magic Leap go beyond the imaginable and beyond augmented reality in hope to bring “Cinematic Reality” to life. Magic Leap was founded in 2010 and by 2014 had raised more than $540 million from Google, Qualcomm … Continued

5 Top tips for a better presentation

Are you within the majority of people that dislike presenting in front of a large audience? Then fear no more, whether you have experience presenting or not – there’s always room for improvement with these 5 simple tips. 1. Think calm, be calm. Nervous? Worried how it’s going to turn out? – Don’t be. It … Continued

Projection vs LED Screens

When it comes to choosing the right equipment there are many different options to choose from, it can be overwhelming! Primarily for presentations, the most common choices are projection and display screens which vary in cost, quality, life-span and practicality. Over a decade ago display screens were using the older Plasma technology that was expensive, … Continued

Plasma vs LCD vs LED Technology

Plasma Screens are still available but are more heavy duty looking and more environmentally unfriendly. Plasma technology is also susceptible to screen burn. However, price-wise plasma can be slightly cheaper. LCD then became the next technology. This technology offered sharper, clearer images with better colour definition. The screens are lighter and the bezel (frame) slightly … Continued