5 Top tips for a better presentation

Are you within the majority of people that dislike presenting in front of a large audience? Then fear no more, whether you have experience presenting or not – there’s always room for improvement with these 5 simple tips.

1. Think calm, be calm.

Nervous? Worried how it’s going to turn out? – Don’t be. It may be easier said than done, but the audience has no idea whether you’re nervous or not, so don’t give it away! Think calm thoughts and remember to take your time whilst talking to the audience, they’re only people too! Managing to keep yourself calm will make the presentation run a lot smoother.

2. Be interesting, bring personality to the table.

Bringing personality to the table makes a presentation a whole lot more interesting than someone who is nervous, monotone and rushing. Speak with enthusiasm and be passionate about the subject you are presenting; the audience will be intrigued to know what’s next. Hide nerves with hand gestures or gather yourself with a slight pause – don’t forget to breathe either!

3. Be prepared.

One of the most critical and obvious points, yet the one that is usually forgotten. Sometimes putting a presentation together can be put together a couple of days or the night before, but it’s important to rehearse, have a good read through and know roughly what you are planning to say on the day. Cue cards can aid you so that you are not tempted to read directly from the slides, but do not feel stuck with what you have prewrote – if you are passionate about the subject, do not be afraid to let this flow through the presentation. It’s better to feel free in what you are saying, than trip up trying to remember what you had previously rehearsed.

4. Grab attention before it’s too late.

Start your presentation with a bang – but not literally. Make a point or reason why this presentation is important, what it can provide the audience, or simply be bold with what you are saying, bring vibes of energy and make the presentation worth listening to. If you start strong, people will want to see what follows, however if you start weak, they’ll presume that this follows through the presentation.

5. Have fun, enjoy this time to shine!

Again, being easier said than done – but it’s important for you to see that you have the opportunity to present yourself and your ideas in front of an audience. Take this time to shine, express your ideas and opinions, let your personality shine through, try to enjoy this experience and it will undoubtedly bring a new lease of life to your presenting skills.

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