Plasma vs LCD vs LED Technology

Plasma Screens are still available but are more heavy duty looking and more environmentally unfriendly. Plasma technology is also susceptible to screen burn. However, price-wise plasma can be slightly cheaper.


LCD then became the next technology. This technology offered sharper, clearer images with better colour definition. The screens are lighter and the bezel (frame) slightly thinner than Plasma therefore making the screens appear less ‘chunky’. LCD technology screens are now not so widely available, because……..

………we now talk about LED technology, the very latest and best viable technology currently available for Display Screens. LED screens are super thin, more energy efficient and provide a very bright, even sharper, clearer image than the other two technologies.

At Vangis we will generally recommend LED Display Screens (unless the client requires otherwise) simply because they provide the best results and look the best in any environment.

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