Projection vs LED Screens

When it comes to choosing the right equipment there are many different options to choose from, it can be overwhelming! Primarily for presentations, the most common choices are projection and display screens which vary in cost, quality, life-span and practicality.

Over a decade ago display screens were using the older Plasma technology that was expensive, not economically viable and extremely heavy. Screens did improve with LCD technology but compared with projection they were still more expensive if you were looking for suitable large screen options such as creating LCD video walls. Since then, using the latest LED display screens either as a single unit or as a video wall solution has become a more comparable solution along with projection as a way to present.

Of course if you are a presenter who travels often then a portable solution is a must and this will lead you to having a portable projector. Or you may require an extremely large image for a large venue/school hall for example. Again a very powerful (and expensive) projector will provide you with these solutions – however ambient light can drastically affect the viewing experience and cause complications. Additionally, it is advised that a screen is used to project onto, rather than a painted wall that could also affect the viewing experience.

LED screens use approximately 50% of the energy used compared to projectors, and LED screens can be used in well-lit rooms or even outdoors without spoiling the viewing experience. LED screens can be built to create a video wall solution – ideal for larger audiences. However, LED screens and multi-touch screens are generally better for small to medium size meeting rooms.

Projectors need maintaining on a frequent basis and lamps need changing, adding extra cost to the overall life span of a projector. On the other hand, LED screens have no lamps to change therefore having a low-cost life span. LED screens usually boast integrated speakers so can support any presentations that have audio within them, unlike projectors which would need to be added separately. Not to mention that LED screens provide over double the working life expectancy of a projector.

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