Projectors on a tight budget

Have you ever dropped your phone on your face in bed? Or perhaps you’ve just always wanted a home cinema in your very own living room. Well look no further, for here we can present to you a cheap, portable smartphone projector. The smartphone projector by Luckies is a pop up cardboard box that comes complete with a lens and is ready to use as soon as you pop your smartphone in.

The smartphone projector comes in at a more than reasonable price of £17.95 and is relatively small, (dimensions 21 x 17 x 10cm) making it portable and convenient to take out and about. However, despite the low price tag and its cool retro appearance, the smartphone projector has no warrantee and can only use phones up to a maximum size of 8cm x 14.5cm, so unfortunately can’t be supported by the Iphone 6 plus or larger Samsung Galaxy phones.

So it may be a cheap fix for your daily dose of Youtube or Netflix, but this little Smartphone Projector has nothing on our top of the range projectors and screens. If you really want that home cinema in your living room, do it right and contact Vangis Presentation Solutions on 0845 869 4421 for more information on projectors and home cinema screens.

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