Digital Displays to Enhance Hybrid Meetings with Increased Collaboration

We can all agree, the modern workplace needs more than just video conferencing. The offices of today must address the need to engage employees even before they enter the building.

Digital transformation was a necessity that has proven popular for a number of meetings, however, it focussed primarily on facilitating meetings. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Webex effectively connect distributed teams but when hoping to build rapport and collaboration in a hybrid meeting, we have to go a step further.

“It’s been proven that employees can be productive when working from home,” says Mark Tildesley, Enterprise Director for Clevertouch Technologies, a provider of digital display screens and smart space technology available through Vangis. “So when you go to the office, it needs to be an occasion and a place for collaboration. You want employees to say, ‘I’m excited I’m going to the office today.’”

The technology that brings your meetings to life is the foundation of the solution but it’s merely the beginning… “You should expect to push a button and have it work without any issues,” says Tildesley. “It’s like getting excited because your lights work.”

That means when your teams book in a meeting hoping to impress attendees (whether they’re talking to coworkers or that next important client) it’s essential that they have confidence in the equipment they’re using. Bringing your office to life by connecting your people across devices may feel like a challenge because you might not know where to start… striving for a better hybrid workplace can only start when you know what’s possible.

“Henry Ford said if he had asked people what they wanted, they’d have said faster horses,” says Tildesley. “Companies are in this same situation. That’s where the technology supplier and the integrator come in and where Vangis can help. The end user of the technology isn’t the IT manager and it’s not the CEO; it’s the people at the desks. We ask, ‘What do you want them to do? Be more creative? More productive? More efficient? How do you want to support them when they’re together in the building?’”

Digital Display Screens: Your First Step Toward Innovation

Most of our clients understand that a ‘simple-to-use one-touch meeting room’ is achievable. Essentially enabling companies to easily start a virtual meeting in its basic form.

Nonetheless, when we work with our clients to understand their teams and how they work, it becomes much more effective to employ a complete ecosystem approach enabling the entire experience to become seamless.

  • Think about deploying Clevertouch Smart Spaces from Vangis that connect your whole building. Complete with digital signage, creating a more energising and productive environment. 
  • Reception areas can be revitalised with LED video wall displays so that employees and guests are greeted with vibrant branding content. 
  • Visitors can easily check in at the 10-inch touch screen that captures their information. 
  • QR codes are available at signage kiosks to send wayfinding information to smartphones. 
  • Checking work and meeting spaces becomes a breeze as employees view availability from their own devices.
  • Book a desk, book a room or host virtual meetings on dual displays. 
  • Intelligent environmental sensors and connectivity allow users to adjust the room temperature to suit their needs.
  • The IT team can send alerts and information to all connected devices (useful on a day-to-day basis, not just in meetings).
  • And, the ultimate extra, users can even order lunch or coffee.

By installing our single platform solution, we’re able to connect a company’s headquarters, multiple sites and retail environments. Employees become familiar with the technology and are able to confidently work from any of your locations because they’ve used the system before.

The Future of Smart Spaces for Your Business

Using Clevertouch and a selection of harmonious accessories and software from Vangis, it’s suddenly easy to reimagine what’s possible. Applications of DisplayNote and Logitech Inc technology allow Vangis to assemble a scalable system capable of evolving and growing with your business. As your needs and objectives shift, the functions of the services can also grow with you.

Systems are loaded by Vangis with Clevertouch Live signage software platform that supports and connects your devices with digital display screens using Intel® Open Pluggable Specification (Intel® OPS) processors to standardise the system architecture.

“Using Intel OPS allows us and our partners to say to the end user, ‘How do you really want to work? You don’t just have meetings 10 hours a day, what else do you want to do in that room?’” says Tildesley. “We bring the meeting room to life the rest of the day, and Intel is an incredibly important part of that.”

It’s easy to see how the workplace of the future will be potentially unrecognisable from today’s offices. While people are caught up with the idea of creating a modern workspace, they’re still starting with the same building blocks; for instance rows of cubicles. If we throw out the confines of the last 30 years and ask ourselves how we encourage people to think of work as something more than just where you go, collaboration and creativity can flourish.

Think about the automation of basic tasks freeing time and money within your business.

What Clients Say

Volvo Group

Vangis service was first class. Rapid response. We were looking to upgrade our training rooms to Screens instead of projectors. Vangis gave the best overall advice and pricing, along with personal service and rapid response. Vangis service was first class