Vangis supply a wide range of large format display screens primarily LED commercial based screens that have a 3 year warranty period and have integrated speakers.



With constant technology advancement with HD display screens, images are becoming sharper and clearer. However, with the introduction of the latest 4K resolution images have become even more sharper! Depending on budget and application we have screens warrantied for 8 hours usage/7 days a week upto screens that are designed for usage 24/7.


Screen sizes now reach over a 100″ diagonal on a single screen which is pretty impressive – all you need is a strong wall!


For your information our display screens can also be mounted onto trolleys – static height or electrical height adjustable, or ceiling mounted and of course we also supply a wide range of wall mounts


Did you know that we also have a range of touch screens? Click here to view our CleverTouch screens.

RKH London Suspended screen 1    Stapletons Call Centre Middlesbrough photo 2



Videowalls are a great way to visually display an array of information and content especially where high brightness and wide viewing angles are needed. They can be used across a multitude of industries and are often found in control rooms, sport stadiums, in fact any large public venue.
Due to the high pixel density smaller venues can also benefit from the advantages of video wall displays where customers have a need to view the screens both up close and at a distance.
Videowall screens have an ultra narrow bezel so that screen borders can barely been seen, making images powerful and natural. Typical configurations start from 4 x4 screens – so imagine using 65″ screens would give you a 130″ overall diagonal image!
                Video wall Image 2