Wireless Presenting

Have you ever been in a meeting and had to dive under a desk desperately looking for cables? Or worse, found the cable, but it turned out to be too short, so you had to cause havoc and swap places after the meeting had begun? And guess what, you do the same musical chairs game all over again for the next presenter?

With wireless presenting you can share your presentations from your laptops or smart devices (BYOD – bring your own device) wirelessly and is the way forward in providing a seamless experience for your meetings. No more cables to connect (or damage), simple to use and allows you to share presentations and ideas from multiple devices that improves collaboration.

We support a varied range of wireless systems including the popular WePresent, Barco Clickshare, BENQ Instashow, Vivitek NovoPro so we can ensure you have the right system for the right application.

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