Video Walls

Turn any wall into an opportunity to impress your visitors and staff alike with a professional video wall display. An ideal way to communicate to large audiences.

The reception area is the first thing visitors will see and a smart, slim-looking video wall display providing an array of information will create a welcoming environment and a great impression of your organisation.

In fact, video walls can also be across a multitude of industries and are often found in control rooms, sports stadiums, in fact, any large public venue.

Due to the high pixel density smaller venues can also benefit from the advantages of video wall displays where customers have a need to view the screens both up close and at a distance.

Videowall screens have an ultra-narrow bezel so that screen borders can barely been seen, making images powerful and natural. Typical configurations start from 2 x 2 screens – so imagine using 55″ screens would give you a 110″ overall diagonal image!

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