When choosing a projector you need to consider the application. Whatever the application, Vangis have considerable expertise available to help you choose the right projector for your needs. Supplying virtually all manufacturers at competitive pricing, we are simply your No1 choice! All projectors are backed up by the Vangis warranty - and don't forget to ask about our Preventative Maintenance and extended warranties. Also don't forget to ask about our range of 'lamp free' LED projectors.


Ideal for presenters on the move when space is tight and weight is at a premium. This range features very small, compact and lightweight models but have a powerful output to ensure clear, sharp images even in daylight conditions. Usually supplied with a carry case for ease of transportation.



Usually lower in cost and slightly heavier than the ultra portable range, these projectors are aimed at presenters who want good all round presentations in standard size Meeting Rooms. These projectors can also be used in ceiling mounted applications.



Combining the ultra high brightness required along with a high resolution output to ensure ultra sharp images, our large venue projector range will deliver clear, bold images to audiences in high capacity auditoriums, large conference rooms, theatres, sports and lecture halls. We also have the very latest LED technology projectors where a lamp is not required and they have a 20,000 hour working life. No lamp replacements so total cost of ownership is very low. These LED projectors are ideal where access to the projector is hard. Please click here to view our range of Large Venue Projector brochure.



Designed with using in conjunction with interactive whiteboards, our education projectors will provide ultra sharp, clear and bright images in classrooms. The latest ultra short throw (UST) projectors are wall mounted usually installed above an Interactive Whiteboard to minimise the shadowing effects you get with standard projectors. Click here to view our range of Interactive projectors.



Need a replacement lamp? Let us know the make and model of your projector and we can offer you a choice of two types – manufacturer’s original or a lower cost but just as effective recyclable lamp. Don’t forget to ask about our lamp installation service!