For several years we have delivered a preventative maintenance solution covering many of their presentation devices over several of their sites.

On a regular basis over a year we would inspect their equipment to ensure good reliable working order by checking connections/leads, clean projector filters and ensure the equipment was clean and dust free to keep the equipment in tip-top condition.

We have also provided and installed several CleverTouch Pro LED display screens for their Meeting Rooms. We provided on site demonstrations and even provided a shoot-out with several other business touchscreens and the Clevertouch Pro came out on top.

We also enhanced the screen using the Quicklaunch that is a simple and secure meeting room interface that provides multi-platform integration to transform the integrated screens PC into a one click meeting space. It allows the client to create a one-touch meeting room based on the platform of their choice using either Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar.

It also allows them to create their Meeting Room for Skype for Business, Google Hangouts, Go To Meeting, WebEx , Zoom, Blue Jeans, Adobe Connect, Simplicity, Skype, Skype, Broadcast, and more.

We have also supplied and installed various LED display screens into to many of their new satellite offices around the UK for displaying information to their staff. These screens have been wall mounted, ceiling mounted and even installed onto mobile stands to suit each of the office environments.

Products Installed

  • Viewsonic 75” Interactive Display Screens
  • Static Floor/Wall Stands – Height Adjustable

“Vangis service was first class. Rapid response. We were looking to upgrade our training rooms to Screens instead of projectors. Vangis gave the best overall advice and pricing, along with personal service and rapid response. Vangis service was first class. Plus you arranged a full demo of the interactive screens, which no one else did. The prices were very competitive and when I have had questions we got a quick response. The screens are working well and we have had no major problems”


What Clients Say

London Luton Airport

“Vangis are honest, reliable, hardworking and courteous”