From single screen reception solutions to thousand screen retail networks, our digital signage systems are ideal to convey messages to your customers, visitors and staff. Easy to update, you can change various information to suit your exact needs, the time of day or for any special events. The screen can be divided into a series of zones to show various media including health and safety messages, coroporate event information, news items, motivational messages, corporate videos, advertising plus so much more!




Using a Vangis Sedao media player your very latest announcements, news, meetings, corporate events etc can be distributed around your premises ‘real time’ as it happens via your display screens. We now have two versions available – through your own LAN network or the more efficient Cloud version. Click here for further information on our Digital Signage System.



BEA Digital Screen photo 2  Bedford Bus Station 4  A Vangis install in a customer service centre


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These displays have their own built in Android media player and require no additional hardware or software. What does this mean to you? Primarily changing the information is so easy. Just load your pictures, images and videos onto a USB stick and insert into the screen and this copies the files to the screens’s internal memory.

Advertising Display 55 image  Month 3a

Once you remove the USB stick the images/videos will play in a continuous loop.

For more advance users we can also provide free scheduling software so you can display images at certain times of the day. The screens also have an eco friendly power timer.

All screens are commercially rated for 24/7 usage and use the latest LED backlight displays ensuring improved brightness and contrast.

If you would like to connect the screens form an external source this can easily be done using one of the integrated VGA or HDMI inputs (there is space to insert a mini PC into the lockable department).



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