What is a Huddle Room and why it’s growing in popularity?

Huddle Rooms are slowly revolutionising the small meeting room, but what are they?

A huddle room is a smaller meeting space meant to be used for short, casual and spontaneous meetings that do not require full-scale conference facilities. The modern working culture – heavily based on collaboration and remote working – requires such informal spaces for quick, on-the-fly meetings.

Huddle rooms require equipment that fit their nature and purpose; equipment that is flexible and supports an easy and quick start to any meeting, online or offline.


Introducing the Huddle Bundle by Vangis

Voice enhancing sound technology and an award-winning control system. The 60W Bluetooth Sound Bar provides high-quality audio for online meetings and video conferencing, while the Vangis Control – UniForm is the award-winning, user-friendly interface that controls the room equipment.

Danish Design & Quality

With a focus on simplicity and minimalism, Vangis’ AV solutions are a natural choice for companies who want to create a smooth and stress-free experience for meeting room users.

Hassle-free installation

We don’t only claim that our products are very straightforward and easy to use – installing our products is also fast and hassle-free! The award-winning Vangis Control – UniForm requires no programming and can be configured with a USB and our drag ’n’ drop software Project Designer. The 60W Bluetooth Sound Bar can simply wall mounted or placed on a shelf, and easily integrated to the control system with an RS-232 port.

Pro quality audio

The 60W Bluetooth Sound Bar is the only sound bar on the market with voice enhancement technology, and has been specifically designed for online meetings and video conferencing. With the growing popularity of remote working and video conferencing, The 60W Bluetooth Sound Bar is the ideal audio solution for any type of meeting room.

Intuitive user interface

A control system with a familiar button interaction and a clearly labeled interface makes the Vangis Control – UniForm a device that requires no explanation. It is therefore a great option that helps reduce the amount of IT support time required for meeting facilities.

  1. The 60W Bluetooth Sound Bar

    • 3 DSP presets (music, voice and presentation) for optimal sound in every setting
    • Can be integrated with an AV control system and controlled via RS-232
    • High-quality sound in videoconferencing settings in rooms up to 70m2

    Vangis Control – UniForm 

    • Hassle-free installation – no paper, sticker or extra buttons
    • On-site configuration with an easily accessible USB
    • No-programming required – easy configuration with drag’n’drop software Project Designer (no programming skills needed)

If you think your office could benefit with setting up a Huddle Room, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a free demo and quote!

What Clients Say

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