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Top benefits of using AV in schools

The technology and the digital market is rapidly changing, none more so than the past few years. Things are developing in leaps and bounds and it can be hard to keep up!

Schools need to keep up to date with the latest in digital innovation, ensuring they are teaching modern practices, using modern methods to children who are used to being immersed in the world of digital!

Audio Visual technology in schools has made huge progress and is able to create an exciting and interactive environment which encourages learning!

What are the top benefits of using AV in schools?

  • AV engages students who may otherwise be disengaged or bored and can make learning more enjoyable!
  • It promotes collaboration and communication between students – Gone are the days of a ‘one-way broadcast’ from student to teacher, education now is seen to be a collaborative exercise between student and teacher. The benefits are seen and encouraged of children becoming involved in what they are learning with the flexibility to explore how they learn in order to get the most out of their lessons. Touch screen overlays like the Clevertouch Plus, offer quality, professional displays that allow children to become involved and have fun.
  • AV in schools | Clevertouch plus | Vangis
  • AV allows students to visualise – Not all children learn effectively just by listening. Having an AV solutions which allows other children to see what the teacher is talking about allows them to thrive in their learning environment.
  • Teachers are able to make the most of new and exciting apps – The Clevertouch Plus has a whole range of free apps that are tested and dedicated to education. They have had all the advertising and in-app purchases removed allowing the children to use them in confidence.
  • With the rise of ‘Bring your own device’ in schools (29% of schools currently use this method, with 26% considering it for the future), the Clevertouch Plus allows children to share their content directly onto the screen for everyone to see. This is an amazing way of encouraging teamwork and collaboration within the classroom while making group work easier.
  • AV solutions work amazingly for students with a range of learning disabilities;
    • Students with hearing impairments are able to hear more clearly with audio enhancement systems. Audio systems can be integrated with an interactive whiteboard to boost a teacher’s voice via a microphone worn around the educators’ neck, allowing their voice to be distributed evenly around the class through wall mounted speakers.
    • Students with dyslexia may struggle to process the content of a lesson when learning through a textbook. Interactive whiteboards enable teachers to create lesson content with colourful text, images and videos to make the lessons easier to digest.
    • Pupils with ADHD can also benefit by allowing them to become engaged and involved in interactive games related to the lesson while remaining structured.

AV in schools | Clevertouch Plus | Vangis

If you are looking for help modernising your classroom and the AV used within your school, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a free demo and a quote!

What Clients Say

Bedford Hospital

The service received from the point of enquiry to post-installation was second to none. As with everything we encountered a few teething problems in getting to grips with the equipment and Vangis was the other end of the phone and guided us through with such professionalism