Digital Displays to Enhance Hybrid Meetings with Increased Collaboration

We can all agree, the modern workplace needs more than just video conferencing. The offices of today must address the need to engage employees even before they enter the building. Digital transformation was a necessity that has proven popular for a number of meetings, however, it focussed primarily on facilitating meetings. Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and […]

Are you ready for the Hybrid workplace?

The last two years have involved a whirlwind of changes and paradigm shifts. Managing people who were working from home during lockdown came with its own challenges, but now many of us are working in a partial work-from-home state. So developing strategies to maximise the benefits of working remotely without losing the team dynamic will […]

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Collaborating virtually just got easier!

Discover Vangis UX Pro Launcher The latest in video conferencing helps bring companies together in a post lockdown environment As lockdown eases, there have been changes to the workplace as we used to know it, with the need to follow current official guidelines and continue to keep staff safe. Fewer people in the office will […]

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Top benefits of using AV in schools

The technology and the digital market is rapidly changing, none more so than the past few years. Things are developing in leaps and bounds and it can be hard to keep up!

How to create a modern meeting space

Looking to give your meeting room or space a much needed makeover? Here are our top tips for getting an engaging, interesting and modern meeting space.

Give your meeting room the wow factor with a Clevertouch Pro!

Is the thought of updating your AV solutions filling you with dread? The Clevertouch Pro can alleviate these worries and stresses from you!

5 tips for making your presentation more engaging

Wondering how to keep your audience engaged and interested in what you have to say? Here’s our top tips to make your presentation more engaging!

New CleverTouch Brochures Available

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CleverTouch launches its fastest ever software

Clevertouch has launched its new generation presentation software, LYNX 5,

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