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The latest in video conferencing helps bring companies together in a post lockdown environment

As lockdown eases, there have been changes to the workplace as we used to know it, with the need to follow current official guidelines and continue to keep staff safe. Fewer people in the office will create more space for those that are on-site and seeing masked colleagues will become routine as they wander over to state of the art hand sanitising stations. Everyone will begin to adapt just as quickly as they did during lockdown.

With fewer people in the office, this naturally means more employees working from home, and companies will continue the methods of working used in lockdown, creating a new company dynamic.

Employers and employees can both benefit from lower numbers in the office. Businesses will have lower overheads, set against any potential decrease in productivity! Staff will save money on their commute and will be able to work flexibly and strike a better work/life balance. This could be the long-awaited end of an old fashioned nine-to-five working week!

It will still be business as usual with regard to decisions, problem solving and ideas exchange from whoever is in the room, but ‘in the room’ will take on a new definition. Global online meetings that don’t require anyone to travel beyond their home office are likely to be a usual part of the day and perhaps over time, meeting hosts won’t make any distinction. The world will share the same room! Over the last two decades, our lifestyles have been hugely reshaped by technology, which has powered a wave of change in our working life and outlook, as shown by the exponential increases in Teams and Zoom usage on our Clevertouch Interactive Large Format displays.

Now it’s time to discover Launcher; a user-friendly and efficient, reliable way to all communicate together.

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Meetings that are more inclusive

With the use of a Panoramic-4K video and three 13-megapixel cameras as well as patented video stitching in real-time. The 180 degree coverage offers a full view of the meeting room and is the ideal partner for Launcher and UX Pro.

Faster collaboration

Plug-and-play technology brings your people together easily and quickly, providing straight forward audio and video in your meeting. Welcome other colleagues from their offices or homes and get lots done,  in a friendly, supportive and stimulating environment.

Clever visual technology

Instinctive camera technology automatically finds people and expands the viewpoint so that you feel included and integral to the meeting! The high quality video continually optimises your experience.

A sense of accomplishment!

You can achieve more with remotely controlled meetings and devices. It is time-efficient and the screen space is optimised. Everyone will be seen, it really is like you’re all in the same place!

Clearly laid out apps.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to arrange the apps that you’re frequently using and you can simply click through.

Video calls at the tap of a finger

Simply tap on the smart room calendar that picks up your video meetings and calls.


Launcher has PIN-protected settings so you can relax about security and confidentiality.

Phone app

Launcher phone app enables access on any screen for video calls and content.


Simplify your meeting rooms.

One-touch access to your apps, video calls, and calendars on the meeting room screen.

One-touch video calls.

Integrates with MS Exchange.

Supports the most popular UC tools.

Standardise the tools you use across all of your rooms.

Supports any Windows program, Store App or Wed URL.

Launcher’s mobile app allows users to wirelessly sing-in and out of 365 on the meeting room screen.

All settings are PIN protected, and one tap clears your footprint, closing apps and clearing any browsing history.

Intel i5 Quad Core OPS Personal Computer with 8GB memory and 240GB storage.

There are Ultra High Definition Graphics as well as Gigabit Ethernet.

Put simply, the OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) standardises the look between displays and media players. Gigabit Ethernet is incredibly fast, ‘gigabit’ means 1 gigabit of data per second, so you can transfer data or stream videos, in the blink of an eye.

This computer gives you a consistent approach and smooth integration with a Windows 10 Pro ultra-modern latest intel® i5 OPS module. The 8th generation Intel® Core™ CPU (Central Processing Units) power the OPS System, this is very reassuring as the processor is essentially the brain of your PC!

You can be confident in the performance of this computer because there are integral Intel® High Definition Graphics 620, 8GB RAM and SSD (solid-state drive) storage, which means it’s continuously storing data.

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