How to create a modern meeting space

Looking to give your meeting room or space a much needed makeover? Here are our top tips for getting an engaging, interesting and modern meeting space.

A meeting room needs to be light, airy and encourage creativity, engagement and collaboration between a team. But how exactly can you achieve this?


Technology is key to achieving a productive work space. Your meeting room needs to have everything you and your team will need in order to effectively communicate both with internal members of the team, but also with external companies, clients and more!

The ways in which they speak to and communicate with these external clients needs to be seamless, simple and modern. To achieve this, it is important that you invest in hardware that you and your team are confident to use.

The Clevertouch Pro is an amazingly easy-to-use, walk up and use collaboration screen which easily integrates with your existing software. Clevertouch themselves say that ‘if you can use a tablet, you can use the Clevertouch Pro’. It is a great piece of equipment which encourages engagement and interaction within a company as well as with those from outside the company. You can connect any device, send out alerts to all of the screens connected to you and allow anyone to become involved.

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What will your room mainly be used for? Will you have clients visiting a lot, or will it be for mainly internal meetings and conference calls? Depending on your answer will sway what furniture you need. Consider a large meeting table with tables surrounding for large group meetings. Think about the power source, will you have integral plug sockets on the table to allow people to plug in laptops and phones when in meetings?

If you will have a lot of meetings where people talk and address groups of people, consider how you will move the tables out of the way and where people will sit.

How to create a modern meeting space | Vangis


Sound management is often one of the most neglected pieces in meeting room design. Meeting rooms that are designed without consideration for sound often result in unwanted side effects.

This could include echoing and reverberation, scraping from moving furniture, or feedback between microphones and speakers. At Vangis we are able to effectively carry out an AV audit and suggest the most effective audio solutions for you.



Do you want your meeting space to be a calming environment, or one that encourages creativity? Choose your colour scheme and decor depending on this. Quirky bright colours are great for a creative environment whereas calm tones can lead to a quieter one.

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Choosing the right audio-visual or display equipment for your event, conference, meeting room, offices and more can be daunting.

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