Give your meeting room the wow factor with a Clevertouch Pro!

Is the thought of updating your AV solutions filling you with dread? The Clevertouch Pro can alleviate these worries and stresses from you!

Sometimes the thought of updating your AV equipment can seem daunting. Having to train employees on how to use the new software, along with the worry that your hardware will no longer connect can all cause businesses to delay updating. If you’re looking for a product that avoids these issues while being the best in class for interactive displays, the Clevertouch Pro is the best choice.


As Clevertouch say, ‘if your employees can use a tablet, they can use a Clevertouch’.


Clevershare ; In-room collaboration

Being able to easily collaborate with your team is key in the modern workspace. The Clevershare app allows anyone to screen share and cast content, no matter what device they are using. Compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and Chrome, Clevershare combines app and dongle technology, giving users multiple options that meet their company’s security and networking objectives.


You can connect up-to 50 devices, and the presenter can choose which device screens to display on your Clevertouch display. Annotate over them, change devices, and highlight content. It’s the easiest way to share ideas and brainstorm with your colleagues.


What are the key features of the Clevertouch Pro?


  • 4K Resolution
    • Provides ultra-sharp, clear and bright images with a super glide surface providing you with a natural writing experience
  • Peace of mind
    • Complete with a 5-year on-site warranty with OTA (over the air) updates available
  • Virtual meeting rooms
    • Using Stage – free with every Pro screen, allows you to collaborate and annotate shared documents seamlessly within a video conference environment
  • Simple to integrate into your office
    • No need to spend additional time and money on training staff. If they can use a tablet they can use the Clevertouch Pro due to its intuitive platform
  • Flexible solutions
    • Clevertouch Pro works with your existing video conferencing solutions and software. Our open platform approach and optional embedded Windows OS gives you access to cloud-based applications such as Skype for Business, Slack, Zoom and Google Hangouts. Clevertouch offers long term savings and increased return on investment
  • Integrated infinity whiteboard
    • Simply write notes or annotations on the screen and use the QR code to save to your devices
  • Easy connectivity
    • Simplicity at its best – connect to the screen from your devices wirelessly using the integrated Clevershare app
  • Dynamic messaging
    • The integrated Clever Message allows you to send dynamic messages to your Clevertouch screens. Send out live alerts and announcements to all screens remotely.

No matter the size of the space you need to fill, there is a Clevertouch Pro in the perfect size. From 55” screens up to 86”, you’ll be able to display your content in a way that attracts and keeps attention!


If the Clevertouch Pro sounds like something that would benefit you, your business and your colleagues, then get in touch with our friendly team at Vangis to arrange a free on-site demonstration or visit our London Showroom!


For a more engaged, interactive and collaborative meeting space, the Clevertouch provides it all.

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