The ever-growing collection of digital signage solutions from Vangis

Your options for digital signage just keep on expanding as we offer more products from the market leader, Clevertouch.  Digital displays are a key communication tool that proves effective across a range of industries.  Now, no one wants to mention the C-word this early in the year, but if we were going to mention that […]

5 Best Uses for Digital Signage in Schools

Using the right tools to distribute information around school grounds is paramount to managing an otherwise challenging environment. Digital signage from Vangis can provide these tools. Our large format screens allow you to broadcast and communicate easily. Our signage can transform how information is shared, both in the classroom and across the entire grounds. Each […]

How the Vangis CleverLive Digital Signage solves 7 of Your Meeting Pain Points

Moving images shown on digital signage attract 400% more views than static displays. Let’s talk about how to make your message more captivating and dynamic. Why such a huge increase of 400%? Well, digital signage is instantly editable so businesses can keep them up to date a more relevant easily. Combine that with the ability […]

Video Conferencing

Recent events following COVID-19 means businesses now need to safeguard their employees by advising them to work from home during the lockdown period.  Video conferencing is a great way to enable your business to continue functioning, as it can allow everyone to communicate effectively while they remain home and carry on fulfilling their jobs. Video […]

Classroom of the future

Predicting the future is no easy task, but when we look at the transformation of classrooms from 2010 to now, the classroom of 2020 is very different. Almost every classroom now has an interactive whiteboard. Tablets are a mainstay of learning for pupils. Homework is held in an online portal that teachers, students and parents […]

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