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We have the right solutions for your workplace meeting problems with a complete contemporary and flexible AV furniture solutions for all your working collaborations. Ideal for rooms where space is limited these neat, space-saving solutions with various table formations are great for all Meeting and Huddles spaces. Collaborate with your colleagues using the very best AV technology display screens that can also be designed for you to present using your BYOD (bring your own device).

Smart collaborative furniture solutions suit the demands expected of spaces today, including active learning spaces, breakout areas, boardrooms, lecture theatres and seminar rooms. TeamMate can provide equality act compliant furniture for inclusive and accessible learning environments, whilst facilitating the requirements for assistive technologies. We believe that good design should solve problems; be practical and yet harmonize with its surroundings and, above all, be as simple and as elegant as possible.

Installation Free AV Solutions

A brand new way of designing the meeting room is to see the meeting room as a workplace for several participants.

Now that technology development has made it possible to adapt the room to today‚Äôs new way of working, including distance meetings in activity-based workspaces, and more. Why complicate things more than necessary in the creation of a modern meeting room. 

We have developed a brand new product range that allows you to save more than 50% of the total cost compared to a traditional AV installation.  

All solutions are fully tailored to handle all the working methods you and your colleagues need. They can easily be adapted to future requirements and easily moved to other rooms next time you change your layout. So: Optimal, cost-effective, time-saving solutions without complicated and expensive installations.

Of course if you would like to see our furniture range then we can either organise an on site visit or why not visit our furniture showroom.

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