The ever-growing collection of digital signage solutions from Vangis

Your options for digital signage just keep on expanding as we offer more products from the market leader, Clevertouch. 

Digital displays are a key communication tool that proves effective across a range of industries. 

Now, no one wants to mention the C-word this early in the year, but if we were going to mention that Christmas is in the not-so-distant future, signage can be a powerful tool to increase your sales and custom at your busiest times. 

We want to help you by providing as many solutions as possible, enabling you to upgrade your audio-visual equipment, no matter the application. Vangis brings you unique, easy-to-use digital signage platforms that are cost-effective, with feature-rich appliances that give you an extensive range of free templates, integrated design tools and more flexibility for a simple user experience with a professional-looking output. 

Here’s a list of potential ways that you can leverage digital signage to capture the attention of customers and boost sales over the holiday season: 

Captivating Content 

In-built design tools make creating dynamic content easier than ever. Add in some bold colours, engaging images and even fun animations to grab customers’ attention and promote your seasonal offerings. 

Seasonal Sales 

Use your digital signage to display limited-time offers, discounts or seasonal products. 

Meaningful Material

Provide customers with informative content to enhance their experience with your business. For example, you could notify them of tourist or travel tips, weather updates or anything else that positions you as a useful resource which will lead to greater engagement from your customers. 

Interactive Encounters 

Fostering a sense of fun and excitement will increase customer satisfaction, resulting in more business over time. Include interactive elements in your signage to help you do just that. You could incorporate touchscreens that allow customers to browse products and services, or QR codes that lead customers to games or contests. 

Shout about your Socials! 

Boost your long term interactions with visitors by incorporating your social media handles or hashtags into your digital signage in order to drive online conversations surrounding your brand and generate a buzz. It also encourages them to share their content and positive experiences. 

Mindful Messaging

Leverage customer analytics to deliver personalised, relevant communications through your digital signage. It’s definitely worth considering your customer demographics and preferences when designing your messages, as they’ll be more meaningful and impactful. 

Area-Based Advertising

If your business operates in multiple locations or tourist-heavy areas, you could include geolocation targeting on your signage. This will deliver location-specific promotions to customers, giving them relevant information and attracting local footfall. 

Real-Time Reporting

Using real-time updates such as stock availability, trending products and recent customer reviews keeps your signage up-to-date and prevents it from becoming redundant. It also helps to generate a sense of urgency and encourages to act immediately. 

Effective digital signage requires a balance of promotions, updates, helpful local information and personalised messaging, presented in an eye-catching and appealing way. 

So, now you’ve got a clearer idea of what your digital signage should include, how do you select a product? 

The Clevertouch CM Series installed by Vangis launched its first large format display screen in 2020. Since then, our selection of digital signage solutions has just continued to grow! 

Among so many innovative products, it can be difficult to pinpoint which is best suited to your application requirements. We’ve collated this handy list of specifications to help you start to narrow it down. 

CM Pro 

Ideal for corporate or classroom usage, this screen is designed to be used for 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. It offers dual orientation and can be wall or ceiling-mounted. It has an impressive 4K resolution and supports power scheduling. 

CM Pro eXtra 

The screen of choice for the NHS and UK MOD, this signage is designed for 24/7 usage. All the features of the CM Pro plus extra playtime make this the ultimate choice across a range of sectors. 

CM High Bright 

This 24/7 screen with high brightness capabilities is at the forefront of the retail and hospitality sectors. It’s designed for sunlit arrears making it perfect for bright high street and shopping precinct window displays. 

CM Totems 

This versatile, freestanding totem is manufactured for 24-hour use and is often deployed for advertising and way-finding purposes. It’s ideal for higher education, corporate offices, hospitals and other public spaces. 

We also offer interactive collaboration panels from Clevertouch with integrated digital signage to allow you to send alerts into classrooms and meeting spaces with ease, ensuring that important, or even urgent, messages don’t get missed. 

To find out more about our comprehensive portfolio of digital signage products, get in touch today. One of our Vangis AV experts will point you in the right direction to ensure you find the perfect solution for your application. 

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Volvo Group

Vangis service was first class. Rapid response. We were looking to upgrade our training rooms to Screens instead of projectors. Vangis gave the best overall advice and pricing, along with personal service and rapid response. Vangis service was first class