5 Best Uses for Digital Signage in Schools

Using the right tools to distribute information around school grounds is paramount to managing an otherwise challenging environment.

Digital signage from Vangis can provide these tools. Our large format screens allow you to broadcast and communicate easily. Our signage can transform how information is shared, both in the classroom and across the entire grounds. Each solution can enable schools to engage staff, students and visitors alike, disseminating information in a way that can be digested at a glance. 

Vangis are proud installers of CleverLive from Clevertouch, a cloud-based digital signage platform that integrates with all your collaboration panels. With CleverLive users can update information in real-time and schedule messages in advance. Plus, the unique one-button feature allows important messages and announcements to be delivered instantly to all Clevertouch devices across school grounds. 

CleverLive digital signage from Vangis is a cost-effective and simple way to ease the running of a hectic school environment, allowing schools to manage and distribute content from a single integrated platform and keep themselves at the pinnacle of developing technology.

The five most common ways schools across the UK are using our signage for seamless distribution are: 

  1. Welcoming Visitors

Digital signage from Vangis is being used to help people entering schools feel welcome. Screens can be used to display photos of the headteacher or students, upcoming events or the school’s creed. Because they are dynamic and engaging they bring a modern yet friendly air to your education centre and can be changed daily to complete the professional impression that visitors receive upon entry. 

  1. Wayfinding Aids 

In an environment that is constantly on the move and running to a schedule, easily accessible directions are crucial. Our screens are used on wayfinding totems and wall-mounted panels throughout a school’s grounds to host maps and directional displays. 

  1. Information Distribution

Keeping students and staff up-to-date on frequently changing information is key to keeping everyone included in messaging. Timetables, clubs and events are often displayed on digital signage, along with school policies and faculty information. 

  1. External News 

It is common to see the latest world and local news, travel updates and other external information when regarding digital signage in schools. It allows access to outsourced notices which is vital in today’s contemporary educational institution. 

  1. Emergency Alerts

Distributing information instantly and simultaneously makes CleverLive from Vangis an excellent alert tool. Messages can be sent to manage any emergency situation such as a fire, accident or weather warning which is a valuable protection tool for schools. 

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